How Should Diamond Jewelry Be Stored?

Most people have at least a few diamond jewelry pieces in their collection, and most of the time, these pieces get crammed in with everything else with little regard to how the pieces should be properly cared for and stored. Because your diamond jewelry is valuable, it should be stored with the proper care to prolong the lifespan of the piece and keep the stones protected. But how should you store your diamond jewelry anyway? What are the best methods? Here is a look at some of the important tips to remember about properly storing your diamond jewelry. 

Wipe off your diamond jewelry before storing it

Most people pull off their diamond jewelry and stick it straight into the jewelry box, without giving a thought to wiping the jewelry down before storing it. The natural oils from your skin and anything else the diamond jewelry comes in contact with through the day can actually cause the diamond to discolor if it is left to settle in. Therefore, it is best to use a soft cotton cloth to gently slough off any residue on your jewelry before you store it. It is for this reason that you will see a professional jeweler barely handle an expensive piece with their bare hands. 

Store your diamond jewelry in padded compartments

Diamonds are a tough stone, but they can also be scuffed and scraped if they are not properly cared for, which can substantially lower their value. It is important that you store your diamond jewelry pieces in a padded compartment when you can. Earrings, pendants, and rings can be inserted into padded compartments in your jewelry box for adequate protection. With necklaces, make sure they are hung on hooks inside a tall jewelry box in a way that they will not be scraping against other pieces. 

Keep your diamond jewelry in a safe place

When someone breaks into a home, one of the first things they will go looking for is valuable jewelry. Fortunately for thieves and unfortunately for most jewelry owners, the average jewelry box is easy to find and easy to get into. If you have especially valuable diamond pieces, it is a better idea to store them somewhere other than your typical jewelry box. You can find jewelry cases that have locks, or simply store the items in their containers and slip them in the safe where they will not be readily accessible.  

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