4 Tips For Minimizing Tarnish On Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a strong and beautiful yet affordable option for jewelry. With proper care, sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many people do not take proper care of their less expensive pieces, which can lead to them being tarnished. These simple methods will help you minimize tarnish and keep your jewelry looking shiny and new. 

1. Store It In a Closed Box 

Your sterling silver deserves a clean, dry jewelry box. This will limit its exposure to moisture and dust when you are not wearing it. Because moisture is the most common culprit when it comes to tarnishing sterling silver, it is important to keep your jewelry in a dry place. This means avoiding more elaborate jewelry "trees" that display your jewelry and opting for a box with a decent closure. 

If you must use a display tree, place it in a cupboard with a few silica packets that will absorb the moisture in the air. 

2. Wipe It Down After You Wear It 

Removing your sweat and oils from your jewelry will help keep it looking good longer. Keep a small cloth in your jewelry box and wipe down each piece when you put it away. You do not need to rub or polish the jewelry, just quickly run the cloth over all surfaces. Over time, you may want to switch out the cloth to keep it clean. 

3. Avoid Contact With Harsh Chemicals 

Sterling silver should be removed before swimming, using a hot tub, or using cleaning chemicals. You will also want to remove your jewelry if you plan to dye your hair or use other harsh chemicals. Since swimming pools and hot tubs tend to be in humid places, you may want to keep a small storage box for your jewelry in your bag if you plan to be in the water for a significant amount of time. 

4. Polish Your Jewelry Regularly 

Depending on how often you wear your jewelry and how humid your environment is, you should polish your sterling silver once a quarter or every month. Any time the jewelry starts to look dull, give it a firm wipe-down with a microfiber cloth. If you choose to use a protective polish, opt for one that is specifically made for sterling silver, as some jewelry polishes can be too harsh for silver. 

Following these tips will help you keep your sterling silver jewelry looking great for years. Contact a company like J  Austin &  Co for more information and assistance. 

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