Resizing Or Silicone Sizers? What To Do When Your Ring Size Gets Smaller

A changing ring size can be a bummer because it means your rings are no longer wearable, unless you modify them. For rings that are now too big because your fingers have gotten smaller, you have two options: take them to a jeweler to have them permanently resized, or add a small band called a ring resizer to the bottom of the ring.

The Difference

Ring resizing involves modifying the band of a ring to change the size. For example, to make a ring smaller, a jeweler cuts out a small section and fuses the ends of the band back together. Expert jewelers can do this so well that the band looks like nothing happened to it. A silicone resizing band is a small coil that wraps around the band of a ring to take up extra space between the band and your finger. The coil usually sits on the bottom of the band so that your finger hides it from view. The coils are clear and available in different thicknesses and lengths. Most people find them unobtrusive.

The Rings That Are Always On

Permanent resizing is a better option for rings you wear all the time, like a wedding ring, for two reasons. One is that, if you don't remove the ring and resizing band regularly, the buildup of dirt and germs in the band can become a health hazard. The bands are safe; they can just trap a lot of dirt if you don't care for them properly. The other reason is that, if the ring is going to be on all the time, there's no reason to use a temporary fix.

Weight Fluctuations

If the changes in ring size are due to temporary issues, like losing a lot of weight during a stressful time in your life, or because you've got a health issue that's creating a lot of water retention, permanent resizing might not be the best option until you're sure the fluctuations have stopped. You don't want to resize a ring downward only to find that in six months, you need to resize it back up, and vice versa. In these cases, the removable ring resizing bands are better and offer more options that work with how you're doing on any particular day. However, be absolutely sure that you remove the ring and resizer bands to clean them daily.

The resizing bands are much cheaper than permanent resizing at a jewelry repair shop, but permanent resizing means you don't have to worry about an extra piece of material on your hand. Speak with a jewelry repair service, like American Jewelers, to find out which option may be the most feasible for you.

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