Earring Conversions For Sensitive Ears

Did you know that ten percent of the population has a nickel sensitivity? That is a major problem for anyone that has it and wants to wear earrings because most cheaper earring posts are made from nickel and nickel alloys. If you have this metal allergy, you probably stare longingly at all of the beautiful earrings you cannot wear. However, there are some tips and tricks for converting pierced earrings with nickel posts that you cannot wear to earrings that you can comfortably wear with no issues.

Post to Clip-on Conversion 

Many women (and some men) who have a metal allergy opt to convert their earrings to a clip-on style. This is actually a much simpler process than you might think. All you have to do is buy the packets of clip-on posts from the jewelry-making section at your local craft store, along with some adhesive, and some adhesive remover. Also, be sure to purchase clip-on posts that are either stainless steel or gold-plated over steel to protect your lobes. 

Then you do the following:

  1. Carefully apply a little adhesive remover to the area where the posts connect to the earrings. Wait a few minutes.
  2. Work the posts by wiggling them until they come free. Sometimes, if the adhesive has done a really good job, the posts will just come off when you pick the earrings up by the posts!
  3. Wipe the adhesive remover and the old glue off of the earrings.
  4. Apply fresh new adhesive--just a dab on the back of each earring.
  5. Quickly and carefully attach the clip-on posts to the fresh glued areas. The adhesive will dry quickly, which is why you have to work quickly. 
  6. Wait for the new adhesive to dry thoroughly before attempting to wear the earrings.

That is just one type of conversion you can make.

Cheap Earrings, Expensive Posts Conversion

There are so many cute and pretty earrings that cost less in the boutique shops. Sadly, most of those earrings are cheap because they have nickel posts, and nickel is the cheapest metal to use for jewelry. Turn that frown upside down! Buy those earrings anyway, and then buy solid gold posts. As with the steps above for converting to clip-ons, repeat all the steps, with the exception of using gold posts instead of clip-ons. Now you can wear less expensive earrings with more expensive gold posts and not pay the pure gold earring price!

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