Choosing Nontraditional Bridal Jewelry: Four Tips To Help Select The Perfect Look

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring and wedding band, there's more to consider than just the standard diamond and gold options. If you are looking for a nontraditional bridal set, here are some tips to help you find that perfect look.

Go Vintage

For your wedding day, let your "something old" be your engagement or wedding ring. Visit local antique stores, online shops, or eve pawn shops to find a vintage piece that speaks to you. An Art Deco piece from the 1920s with filigree details and a simple stone may be the perfect option for you, or you might want to consider a truly antique Victorian piece. Once you find that perfect ring, bring it to a jeweler for professional cleaning, repairs and sizing. Your jeweler may even be able to craft a custom band to match a vintage engagement ring for a one-of-a-kind bridal set.

Choose Your Birthstone

In many jewelry stores, you can find solitaire rings with birthstones that can be the perfect replacement for a traditional diamond engagement ring. Some stores even have bridal jewelry selections with birthstones as the center stone. This option creates a personalized look for your big day. Of course, you can also consider your future spouse's birthstone as the center stone. If you want a traditional three-stone ring, add your birthstone to the center and flank it with your significant other's birthstone on both sides.

Skip The Stone

If flashy diamonds, rubies, emeralds and rubies aren't your personal style, consider skipping the stones completely. You can choose a simple two-band set to serve as your wedding and engagement ring. This option is perfect for couples who want an exact match for their wedding jewelry, and it can also be perfect for couples who don't want to add a lot of bling to their rings. Opt for a simple inscription on the exterior of the bands, or have a jeweler create custom etchings to add a unique look to this option.

Opt For Stacking Stones

Some couples prefer to commemorate milestones in their marriage with additional bands, and this can be difficult when there is a bulky engagement ring or bridal set in the center. You can start the tradition of adding bands for milestones by choosing a simple diamond eternity ring for your wedding day. On your first anniversary, add an eternity ring with different stones, and repeat this tradition every 10 years to create a stunning wall of stones for your hand. Be sure to choose thinner bands to provide more room on your finger for all the wonderful anniversaries you have yet to celebrate.

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