Is It OK To Sell Jewelry You Inherited, And If So, Where Can You Go?

When you need money, selling jewelry is often a quick way to solve those financial woes. If the jewelry is inherited, however, the thought of selling it may seem inappropriate because it's supposedly a family heirloom. What it is, is something your relative used to wear. If you need to sell the jewelry for whatever reason, the situation is pretty clear-cut.

First of All, It's Yours

If you inherited the jewelry, that means it's yours. No one can make you hang onto it. If you have a family member who insists you just hold onto it, send it back to them; if they're so keen on storing it, they can store it. Otherwise, yes, you can sell jewelry that you inherited because it is yours now.

It's Nice to Ask Family or Others Who Might Be Interested

If it's an inherited item, and you simply don't want it, it's always nice to offer the piece to someone else in the family or a friend who might be interested. Don't be surprised if they say no; after all, when all was divided up, you were the one who ended up with the piece, and others in the family who wanted it at the time the jewelry was inherited would have made their interest clear then.

Be Clear About Jewelry Buyers vs. Pawn Shops

If you do decide to sell that jewelry for cash, be aware of where you're taking that jewelry. You'll have a choice between a pawn shop and a gold or jewelry buyer. Both are legitimate options, but your ability to get the jewelry back differs between the two.

If you're selling the jewelry because you simply don't want it, then it doesn't matter which type of establishment you go to because you aren't concerned about getting it back. You'll want to shop around for prices. In fact, you may get better prices from a jewelry buyer/seller because they will take only what they know they can either turn around and sell or melt down for scrap value.

If you're selling the jewelry because you need the money but wish you didn't have to part with the piece, then you want either a pawn shop that gives you a few weeks to reclaim the piece, or a jewelry seller who offers the ability to reserve the piece. This isn't that common, but you may be able to find a seller who waits before selling the piece to someone else. Check out a place like Longhorn Jewelry Exchange for more information. 

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