Choosing A Wedding Ring For An Urban Trend-Setting Groom

When it comes to finding the perfect ring, it is often the men who get all flustered trying to choose the perfect band, stone, cut, color, and clarity. For women, selecting a wedding band for a groom might seem easy, but that's not always the case. If you are looking for a unique band that suits your trend-setting soon-to-be husband, there are plenty of options.

Keep it Sophisticated

A trendy, grown-up guy needs a sophisticated looking wedding band. A sophisticated band is something he won't mind wearing every single day, whether at the office or hanging with his best buds. You will find a selection of men's bands in a variety of styles, but avoid anything that looks childish or it might look cheap, inexpensive, and less than trendy. Also, pay careful attention to the enamel on the ring. Shoddy work will also look cheap and childish.

Splurge on the Unconventional

Don't be afraid to splurge on a ring that's a bit unconventional. A trend-setting guy wants a ring that will make others look twice. A wedding band is not just a piece of jewelry that accessorizes a look. It is a symbol of your relationship, so find something that is as unique as the two of you. For instance, a guy's ring can feature unique patterns or even gemstones. That means going above and beyond the conventional diamond setting and thinking of something outside the box.

Choose a Strong Metal

Gold is often a popular choice when it comes to choosing a men's wedding band, but there are alternative metals to consider. For instance, titanium would work quite nicely if you are looking for a durable metal that symbolizes the strength of your love. In fact, titanium offers the most tensile strength when compared to other metals. Carbon steel rings are another great choice since they often offer high tensile strength, compressive strength, yield strength, and impact strength.

Sport Some Color

Don't be afraid to pick a ring that allows your guy to sport some color. That means thinking beyond traditional gold and silver. For instance, consider a black band or even a navy blue one. A colored band is something that will surely grab the attention of others, which is what a trend-setting guy would want. Further, a bit of color will appeal to his urban nature.

Add Some Bling

Choose a ring with some bling or detailing, such as a men's ring with a filigree pattern or with engravements and gemstones. You know better than anyone what your guy likes, so keep his color preferences in mind when choosing a gemstone. For instance, there are gems like rubies, sapphires, or even emeralds that pair nicely with various metals and colored bands.

Alternatives to Metal

Keep in mind that a wedding band does not have to be made of metal. You can opt for a wedding band that is made from wood and features unique engravings on it. An enameled wood ring is trend-setting and visually appealing, which is great for your urban groom. Not to mention the fact that quality-made wood bands can offer a sophisticated and classy look that is great for an upstanding gentleman.

Professional jewelers understand that finding the perfect ring is important for both men and women. If you feel flustered or unsure of your decisions, talk to a jeweler that sells men's wedding rings. A jeweler can help you select a ring that is just right for your future husband. Make sure you let the jeweler know what it is you want and maybe even provide some background information on your guy's likes, dislikes, and personality.

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