How To Build Your Jewelry Collection

Jewelry shouldn't be overlooked. It can help you elevate any outfit when applied artfully. If you've never paid much attention to jewelry, learning how to wear it can be complicated. You may not know how to pair it with outfits or where to begin building your jewelry collection. Here are four tips that can help any beginner jewelry enthusiast build their collection:

1. Look for inspiration

Jewelry can be pricey, so before you begin making purchases, you should get an idea of what you like. Look for inspiration that will help you figure out what sort of jewelry you prefer. Fashion magazines often feature great examples of outfits accessorized with jewelry. Find out if you like minimal looks or more decorative, opulent looks. Many jewelry stores feature catalogs full of their current offerings. You might want to flip through these colorful collections to see what catches your eye.

2. Try different styles

It's a good idea to purchase inexpensive pieces of jewelry at first. You can find fast fashion jewelry at many clothing stores and department stores. These pieces are typically made from lower quality metals and stones. Their cheap price tags will allow you to try on different styles without blowing your whole budget. You can try silver and gold items to figure out which ones you prefer against your natural complexion.

3. Invest in high quality designer jewelry

Once you have a better idea of what looks good on you, you can start investing in high quality jewelry. Designer jewelry is painstakingly crafted from precious metals and beautiful gemstones. It will last you a lifetime with proper care, and you'll be able to pass it on to future generations, if you so desire. Choose a piece you can wear everyday, that pairs well with many different outfits. You can simply walk into a designer jewelry store and allow the helpful staff to guide you toward the right piece for you. As you become more confident in your tastes, you can grow your collection of designer jewelry over time.

4. Play with costume jewelry

Costume jewelry can always have its place in your wardrobe. Fashion trends change quickly, and what's trendy today might not be hip tomorrow. Costume jewelry allows you to play with trends without a lot of commitment. Fun, bold statement pieces can spice up your wardrobe for a season, and you can retire it without guilt whenever you want.

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