Two Tips For People Who Are Helping Their Aging Relatives To Sell Jewelry To Gold Buyers

If you have an aging relative who is paring down their collection of gold jewelry and would like to sell most of it to gold buyers, but they need a little help with this process, this advice should enable you to assist them.

Buy a gold testing kit

Gold buyers will always test the gold jewelry that their customers send to them, to check whether each item features any real gold and, if so, how much of this metal each item contains. However, it is still worth getting an inexpensive gold testing kit and then using it to find out if there is any jewelry in your relative's collection which is not real gold before you send it off to the gold buyer.

If for example, your relative believes that there are several solid gold jewelry items in their collection and they are splurging more often than they normally would because they are certain that they will be paid a large chunk of money when they send this jewelry to the gold buyer, then testing it with this kit will ensure that if your relative is mistaken about how much of their collection features valuable solid gold, you can inform them of this before they overspend and get into debt. It will also spare them any disappointment when they hear back from the gold buyer about their jewelry, as their estimate of how much they are likely to receive from this business will be more accurate.

Show them any items that they have forgotten they own before you send them to the gold buyer

If your relative's collection is very large and they have owed many of the pieces for decades, then it is possible that they may have forgotten about some of the items in it, especially if these items have been stuffed into boxes in their closets and your relative has not even seen them since they were very young.

If there are gold jewelry items like this in your relative's collection, you should show them these pieces before passing them onto the gold buyer. The reason for this is as follows; even if your relative has forgotten about certain items in their collection, these items may still be sentimentally valuable to them. Older people often have memory problems and as such, having forgotten about an item is not always an indication that they don't care about it.

By showing them each piece of gold jewelry that you find hidden away in their home, you can give them a chance to decide if there is a part of it that they wish to keep or if they want to sell it at all. For example, if you find a gold bracelet, the charms on which were given to them by their deceased husband, then they might be very grateful for the chance to remove and keep these charms before you send the bracelet off to the gold buyer. Making the effort to check in with them should ensure that you don't unintentionally upset them by selling something that they would have loved to have kept.

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