3 Tips For Styling Western Jewelry

Western jewelry pieces have become more popular among men and women in recent years. The bold designs, chunky materials, and interesting textures that are featured in western necklaces and earrings can make the perfect addition to your outfit. That said, in order for your Western jewelry to shine as it should, you must follow some critical styling tips.

Here are three tips to help you more effectively style your Western jewelry in the future.

1. Pair Western Jewelry With Solid Colors

Whenever you want to wear a Western-style necklace or earrings, it's best to pair these items with tops that are a solid color. Many of the design elements that are unique to Western jewelry can clash with fabrics that have a pattern. However, a solid-colored top allows the conchos, intricate metalwork, and turquoise or coral stones commonly featured in Western jewelry to really stand out.

The jewelry itself is the statement, so keeping the rest of your outfit simple and solid when wearing Western jewelry is a great way to style attractive looks.

2. Maintain Shape Consistency Across Jewelry Pieces

Another great style tip that will help elevate the look of your Western jewelry is to ensure that you are maintaining a consistent shape throughout all the jewelry pieces you pair together in an outfit. Circles, ovals, and squares are all common shapes that are featured in Western jewelry design. If you want to wear a statement necklace that includes oval conchos, pair that necklace with earrings that also have oval conchos.

Consistency among the shapes will help you create a more cohesive and put-together accessory look for your outfits.

3. Pair Complementary Materials

Western jewelry can be identified not only by its shape and design but by the materials used to create these jewelry pieces. Most Western jewelry items are made from silver. Pieces may contain turquoise or coral stones, and you will often find rhinestones embedded in silver jewelry elements. Intricate beadwork is also a common material featured in Western jewelry items.

If you want your accessories to make the right statement, you should utilize complementary materials when selecting individual jewelry items. Pairing beaded items together and wearing silver sets can create a more polished aesthetic.

Western jewelry is bold, fashion-forward, and can easily turn any outfit into a showstopper. Be sure that your jewelry items stand out for the right reasons by following basic Western jewelry styling tips. To learn more, contact a company like Calico Cavvy Co.

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