Have Some Fun Looking At Skull Ring Variations

Skull rings say something about their wearers, with a main message being that they aren't afraid of death, or at least that they acknowledge death is inevitable. But that does not mean that skull rings have to be minimalist and grim. On the contrary, as wearing them has become more mainstream, the number of designs has increased, giving you more choice. Do you want to buy a skull ring? Set aside some time to look because you're going to have a lot of fun seeing what's out there.

The Eternity Band

One skull or two? Or eight or nine? If you're not too keen on one of the classic single-skull designs, you can find eternity-band skulls where tiny skull shapes go all the way around the band. That does mean the portion of the band that hits adjacent fingers will not be completely smooth, so if you are interested in this style, look for designs where the skulls on the sides don't have much of a profile.

Gemstone Eyes

Many skull rings have empty sockets for the eyes, but if you prefer something more colorful, you can find rings where glass gems are cemented into the eye sockets instead. Choose your favorite color or your birthstone color; look for unusual glass gem colors like rainbow or mystic topaz, too. At the higher end of the price range, you could find lab-created emeralds or even real garnets; the limit to what's available is decided only by the designer.

Sugar Skulls

A classic example of a skull ring is one where a smooth silver forehead rests over dark eye sockets and at least one jaw; maybe there's a "crack" molded into the skull's head. That's not the only type of skull ring design available, however; now you can get skull rings where the skull portion is decorated like a sugar skull—those patterned skulls you see for Dia de los Muertos (or Dia de Muertos, if you use that name). Swirls, flowers, suns, and other designs cover the skull; you can also find some with a crown of silver roses, and even silver hair with a rose stuck in it.

Browse around online to find designs and take note of features that you really like. There's a good chance that someone offers a ring that combines all of what you really wanted.

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