5 Ways To Use Colored Gems In Your Diamond Engagement Ring

When most people think about engagement rings, they picture the classic and stunning solitaire diamond ring. But more and more couples are opting for colored gemstones in addition to the timeless diamond. How can you bring bold color to your ring? Here are five great ways to spice things up.

1. Create a Halo

A halo is a complete circle formed by small gemstones which surround a larger one. Make a halo either with the diamond as the centerpiece and colored gems around it or vice versa. Halos make traditional engagement ring styles look and feel modern and fresh. They may also allow you to use smaller center stones to save money. 

2. Flank the Gemstone

A halo design creates a large centerpiece, but it's not always in the budget or to the liking of some wearers. Take it down a notch by combining a centerpiece stone with two flanking smaller gems. Most designs use diamonds in the center and colors as flanking stones, which creates a pop of color without being overwhelming. 

3. Mix Up Rings

Will you have both an engagement ring and a wedding band? If so, take the opportunity provided by two individual rings. Choose a traditional diamond engagement ring, for example, but pair it with a band featuring small rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Because they're worn together after marriage, both rings share the effects. 

4. Make a Layer

Elevate the halo by adding more layers. For instance, you might start with an outer halo ring of small diamonds, then add an inner ring of bright sapphire or ruby, and then finish it with a centerpiece diamond. This can be a way to craft something unique and use smaller gems in place of just a few large and expensive ones. 

5. Try Colored Diamonds

While most people think of diamonds as colorless and transparent, they do have some natural color. If you want a more colorful look but still love the quality and timelessness of diamonds, you can have both. Colored diamonds can have a strong color or just a hint. While brown and yellow are usually the most common, you can find them in shades from gray and black to blue and pink. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about mixing and matching diamonds and other colorful gems? Learn the ins and outs, and get tips for everything from sticking to a budget to ring design, by meeting with an experienced jeweler in your neighborhood today. 

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